The Wonderful Big Apple: 7 Famous Quotes About New York & New Yorkers

There’s New York, and then there’s everywhere else. Anyone who’s been to New York, including celebrities, will tell you just that. New York City is an incredible show stopper kind of town. No, it has the studios of Hollywood or the clean streets of Chicago, but it has so much more.. Find the rest of the blog post by visiting


Staycation in NYC With the Kids? No Problem! 10 Great Things To Do!

New York is filled with incredible places to enjoy your staycation with the kids. You can enjoy your holiday in the parks, at the movies with a glass of wine, or by being a tourist. Bronx Zoo Have an all-day affair at the Bronx Zoo. No need to travel to Asia to see the Himalayan …read the rest of the blog post by visiting

China Has Gone Cashless, Is The U.S. Next? [Part 2]

Read the first part of “China Has Gone Cashless, Is The U.S. Next?

Experienced users like the fact that they can track spending, transfer funds, and its wealth management functions with Alipay. Tencent went further by building platforms for businesses, where their customers can be alerted to discounts and promotions… find the rest of the blog post by visit!

My Asian Clients at OKMerchant Payment Solutions.

在經營公司嗎?在籌備中嗎?接受信用卡嗎?想要嗎?我這裡保證最低價,因為沒有人能比我們的價格還要低。我費率是基本費率加零,即使是AMERICAN EXPRESS  也是一樣,因為我們擁有十年A + BBB評級 ,零投訴的專業業務。OKMERCHANT PAYMENT SOLUTIONS。我們會看看你最近的信用卡賬單,並輕鬆地減少你的賬單費用高達 30-40%。我們將會幫你消除所有的垃圾費用,您簽署任何東西之前,我們有多樣方案可以提供參考。想節省更多費用,現在就聯繫我。從一般企業到一切任何高風險業務我都可以獲得批准。在這裡,我的一般企業客戶在美國是可以第二天資金過賬給你,高風險企業客戶可以四十八小時資金過賬。